【AE插件】更新!节点式三维粒子星尘特效插件 Stardust 1.5 for Win


请注意:该插件支持Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3–CC 2019,敬请留意。

Stardust是一款专用于After Effects的模块化3D粒子系统,它可以轻松基于节点操作的用户界面开始使用,并自带了大量的预设,可以方便、快速地创建出不错的效果。

此次更新的Stardust 1.5版本主要是引入了“Volume”功能。该“Volume”工作流将世界著名的openVDB技术无缝地集成到Stardust中,现在可以轻松地创建Volume对象,将整个粒子系统和模型转换成体积,并使用布尔值、过滤器、噪声等多种工具对结果进行操作。

Stardust 1.5版本宣传片


Main New Features :
– Volume workflow – Create striking looks, meshing particles and 3d models into
volumes using the renowned OpenVDB technology. Create complex intersections and manipulations of volumes using Stardust’s highly flexible modular design.
– 3D Wireframes – New OBJ Emitter options to emit from model edges.
– Extrude Edges – Extrude Masks and Text Edges to create fine hollow bodies.
– Transparent material – Affect transparency by surface facing towards or away
from the camera, to achieve an X-ray like effect.
– Transparent material – New option allows to affect the DOF.
– Normal Map from Bump – Convert bump map (any grayscale image) to a normal
map, to easily create procedural materials inside AE.
– Stardust panel additions
-Auto Connect Node – Connect a node between two linked nodes by dragging on top of the connection line until it turns green.
-Detach – Alt + drag a middle node to disconnect it and have the two surrounding nodes link directly.
-Multi-Connect – Shift click a connector, and use the green link line to connect to multiple nodes.
-Right click to create nodes, or group selected nodes.
– Preview – Fast preview of 3D setups as wireframe / flat / flat shaded.
– Path Emitters – Emit range: Controls the emit range of the path.
– Ambient Occlusion – New option allowing to tint the AO color.
– Specular – New option to adjust the specular amount.
– Model Node – New option to normalize scale and align the model to its sides.
– UV Map – New option to apply planar mapping to a 3D model.

– SSAO – fixed an issue with objects near the image border.
– Physics – fixed inherited null scale issue.
– Physics – fixed an issue with Path manipulator and single models.


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